Digital Rehan Hashmi

Digital Marketing Freelancer in Mumbai

Expert digital marketer specializing in SEO, Social Media Management , Content Creation and PPC advertising . Dedicated to helping businesses thrive online through targeted strategies and measurable results . I have completed my certification program from DSK academy

About Me

Hey there, I’m digital rehan hashmi .A digital marketing freelancer in Mumbai, India.Lets merge creativity and technology to elevate your business. I’m passionate about boosting your business online with my expertise such as SEO,PPC,Content,Social Media, E-mail Marketing and Analytics, I craft  Customized Strategies to drive results.Let’s elevate your digital presence together! Reach out at to get started.


Which I provide


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process of improving your website to rank higher on the search engine page.

Web Development

 Website development refers to the process of creating and building a website or modifying a existing one . It includes planning, designing , creating , testing and deploying

Google Ads

Google Ads is online platform created by Google itself. Where you can pay for display your Ads , products ,Goods and services you are offering or video ,blogs to your viewer

E-mail Marketing

 Email marketing is like sending personalized letters but through email to people . E-mail marketing help to build loyalty .You try to make the emails interesting so people will read them and maybe buy something or visit your website.

Social Media Marketing

 social media marketing is also known as online marketing ,Where product and services are promoted on various social media platform, Where you have to share and post about your brand to generate traffic.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a type of marketing which involves sharing valuable and relevant content to engage or build relationship with audience , In content marketing,content is  distribute to attract traffic and retain audience.

My Portfolio

“Hi, I’m Rehan Hashmi, a digital marketing freelancer. My portfolio showcases how I boost online presence and drive results for businesses through strategic campaigns and engaging content.”

What My Clients Says

“My digital marketing services consistently receive positive feedback from satisfied clients . Highlighting their increased online visibility and enhanced business performance”

Gold leafing

It was a great eperience working with Rehan Hashmi through DSK Agency for my digital needs and the work was exceptional.

Power root

Rehan’s creative concepts and strategic approach showcase his knowledge in digital marketing. He expertly managed the difficulties of our campaign, providing results that beyond our expectations.

Mind Shift

 Working with Rehan Hashmi was game- changer with innovative idea!Their expertise in digital marketing in strategic approach helped is online presence.

Clients I Have Work With

Jobs, projects, and partnerships are all open.

Greetings, I’m Digital Rehan Hashmi, a freelancer in Mumbai, India with certification in digital marketing. I’m interested in any jobs, projects that are connected to digital marketing.

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